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[CLEARANCE] Asis-Tobe All-In-One Cleanser (300ml) EXP: 11/2023 / 0M+

[CLEARANCE] Asis-Tobe All-In-One Cleanser (300ml) EXP: 11/2023 / 0M+

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ASIS-TOBE develops hypoallergenic ( Irritancy score=0) cosmetic products that offer mild daily skin care for all skin (even sensitive skin), or any skin that has been irritated from external aggressors. In Order to find the best mixture of ingredients with the most stable formula, countless sampling test must be done before launching any ASIS-TOBE product.

Multi Function from head to toe Facial, Shampoo, and body in one soft foam to cleanse all body waste.

Naturally derived surfactant (Palm oil + Coconut Oil) PH5.0-6.0 DERMA CLERA + Jirisan Complex -1

Suitable For All Skin Type Babies/Sensitive Skin

Pour into hands or a wet sponge and apply to baby's hair and body. Lather and rinse thoroughly.