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Bebefood Postbiotic Prune Juice 12M+ / 80g

Bebefood Postbiotic Prune Juice 12M+ / 80g

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Beverage made of Postbiotics mixed with 6 types of lactobacilli. Contain  prune, strawberry and carrot. No added sugar.

Manufactured in environment with GMP and HACCP certificate.

Per pack: 80ml 
Product of Korea

Purified water, Apple concentrate, Carrot concentrate, Strawberry concentrate, Prune concentrate, Postbiotics mixture, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1

- Do not heat the pouch in the microwave

- Check the ingredients if you allergic to certain ingredients.

- Sediment from ingredients can be found in contents but there’s no problem in quality, please shake before drinking.

- This product is manufactured in facility using eggs, milk, buckwheat, peanut, soybean, wheat, crab, peach, sulfurous acids, walnut, pine nut and pork.