Han San Thong's Confinement Herbal Bath Shower Cream (500ml) Exp: 07/2023

Han San Thong's Confinement Herbal Bath Shower Cream (500ml) Exp: 07/2023

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The 'Han San Thong Postnatal Herbal Bath' is formulated to:

✓ replace traditional boiling of bathing herbs
✓ maintain hygiene (especially important for breastfeeding mums)
✓ expel body winds
✓ soothing and calming effect

🌿 Herbs and Plant Extract Ingredient list 🌿
Lemongrass, Aloe Vera, Zingiber Officinale, Artemisia Argyi, Leonurus Artemisia


☘️ Direction of Use ☘️
✓ Per bottle 500ml will last approx. 60 to 90 times.
✓ Important: Bath/Cleanse with HOT-WARM water
✓ 1x per day, fast shower within 5 to 10 mins. Can also use for hand-washing.
💓 For hair hygiene, we recommend using 'Herbal Hair Tonic Leave-On Spray'. Can use daily and apply on scalp to prevent oily scalp & hair loss (can use like 'Dry Shampoo').


(1) When can start using H.S.T. Herbal Bath?

[Natural Birth] - anytime after birth delivery/from second day.

[C-Section] - anytime after birth delivery. To use, apply shower cream on body & wipe off with wet towel (hot-warm water). Repeat wiping until clean. Not to worry, there is minimal bubble for this shower cream so it is easy to wipe off.

(2) Difference between H.S.T. Herbal Bath & traditional boiling of bathing herbs? .

[H.S.T. Postnatal Herbal Bath Shower Cream]
✓ Convenient & Ready to Use
✓ Save Effort & Time in boiling Bathing Herbs
✓ Expel Body Wind & Prevent catching "wind"
✓ Disinfect, Maintain Body PH level, Moisturising
✓ Maximum Absorption of Herbs' Benefit
✓ No Impurities Sensation from usual Confinement Herbal Bath

[Traditional Boiling of Bathing Herbs]
✓ Longer Waiting Time from boiling herbs & waiting for it to cool down.
✓ Expel Body Wind & Prevent catching "wind".
✓ Basic Body Cleansing. Not suitable for oily/sensitive skin type.
✓ May have impurities sensation from Herbs.


Note: Due to some herbal shower cream's packaging boxes were slightly damaged during shipment, your order may/may not come with the packaging box. If you required the box, kindly indicate on order's remarks. Thank you!