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Han San Thong's Confinement Herbal Bath Shower Cream (500ml) Exp: 07/2023

Han San Thong's Confinement Herbal Bath Shower Cream (500ml) Exp: 07/2023

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The 'Han San Thong Postnatal Herbal Bath' is formulated to:

Replace traditional boiling of bathing herbs maintain hygiene (especially important for breastfeeding mums)
expel body winds
‚soothing and calming effect

Herbs and Plant Extract Ingredient list
Lemongrass, Aloe Vera, Zingiber Officinale, Artemisia Argyi, Leonurus Artemisia

 Direction of Use 
Per bottle 500ml will last approx. 60 to 90 times.
Important: Bath/Cleanse with HOT-WARM water
1x per day, fast shower within 5 to 10 mins. Can also use for hand-washing.
For hair hygiene, we recommend using 'Herbal Hair Tonic Leave-On Spray'. Can use daily and apply on scalp to prevent oily scalp & hair loss (can use like 'Dry Shampoo').


(1) When can start using H.S.T. Herbal Bath?

[Natural Birth] - anytime after birth delivery/from second day.

[C-Section] - anytime after birth delivery. To use, apply shower cream on body & wipe off with wet towel (hot-warm water). Repeat wiping until clean. Not to worry, there is minimal bubble for this shower cream so it is easy to wipe off.

(2) Difference between H.S.T. Herbal Bath & traditional boiling of bathing herbs? .

[H.S.T. Postnatal Herbal Bath Shower Cream]
 Convenient & Ready to Use
 Save Effort & Time in boiling Bathing Herbs
 Expel Body Wind & Prevent catching "wind"
Disinfect, Maintain Body PH level, Moisturising
 Maximum Absorption of Herbs' Benefit
 No Impurities Sensation from usual Confinement Herbal Bath

[Traditional Boiling of Bathing Herbs]
Longer Waiting Time from boiling herbs & waiting for it to cool down.
Expel Body Wind & Prevent catching "wind". Basic Body Cleansing. Not suitable for oily/sensitive skin type.
May have impurities sensation from Herbs.

Note: Due to some herbal shower cream's packaging boxes were slightly damaged during shipment, your order may/may not come with the packaging box. If you required the box, kindly indicate on order's remarks. Thank you!