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ILDong Agimeal Yumyum Calcium Wafer Strawberry Flavour

ILDong Agimeal Yumyum Calcium Wafer Strawberry Flavour

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This is for babies aged 7 months old or above.

It is a good snack for babies.

Babies may not be used to having hard snacks in their mouths. Please stay beside them and give guidance.


  • Wheat flour (U.S.A),Vegetable oil (Malaysia), Sucrose Glucose,Rich white sweet, Lactose, milk, Calcium, Egg yolk liquid, Roasted quinoa powder,Wholemilk powder, Salt, Sodium biocarbonate, Malt extract, iron sulfide, Bonepep,Vitamin D3, Zinc oxide, Folic acid

Nutrition designed for growing babies!

  • Grow taller!
  • Mixed calcium,bonepep ,
  • Vitamin D for growth
  • Superfood Quinoa 1.53% included
  • Strawberry Flavor

No Addictive (MSG; synthetic flavoring)
selected raw materials considering baby's health!

  • No L-glutamic sodium (MSG) or synthetic flavoring