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    MODU'I Silicone Cube Tray Green Bean From 0M+

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    The MODU'I Silicone Cube Tray is super handy when it comes to weaning babies! Be it preparing baby's first purees, preparing stock cubes for older children or even freezing espresso shots for sleep-deprived parents, the MODU'I Silicone Cube Tray does it all.

    After many rounds of testing, we have found that this cube tray does not absorb food smells and is not easily stained even by coloured vegetables such as carrot and beetroot!

    Did we mention that MODU'I products can be used in the refrigerator, freezer, microwave, dishwasher and even the oven?

    With the soft silicon, there’s no need for twisting the cube. Simply push the bottom of the cube and it SLIDES~ out easily.
    It does not even have any remains left after pushing out the ingredients in each cube so it’s convenient to wash it too!
    Since you don’t have to twist it hard or hit it for the ingredients to come out, you can use it comfortably. Please note that the lid and body is not airtight entirely.

    You can prepare the meat, vegetables and broth beforehand and store them in the cube according to the volume.
    When you need to cook your baby food, easily push the ingredients out one by one and your baby food is complete!
    Each container varies in size so you can match the ingredients by number of cubes to consume your food easily. ^^
    The gauge of ingredients may be different for the different kinds of ingredients placed inside the container so it is recommended to also weigh your ingredients before placing them into the cubes.

    When making fried rice, egg rolls, and grilled short rib patties for your children, you can also store the side dishes and other ingredients easily with the containers! In the kitchen, you can store garlic, other seasonings and also broth~
    Using the cube to heat up the finished product!

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    MODU'I Silicone Cube Tray Green Bean From 0M+

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