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    Natufoodies Baby Rice Stick - Apple Banana 12M+

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    Long stick shape perfect size for baby to train their self-feeding and pick up skill. It is puffed from pure whole rice and coated with natural fruits juice, fruits and vegetables powder. Packed in individual sachet for freshness, good for travelling or bring to school snacks. Not to worry about heatiness , it’s non fried or bake, it produce using hot air drying.

    • Gluten
    • Milk Products
    • Legumes

    Suitable for babies that are 1 year and above.


    Ingredients :

    • Calrose rice
    • Brown rice
    • Sucrose
    • Apple juice concentrate
    • Banana powder
    • Natural seaweed calcium
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    Natufoodies Baby Rice Stick - Apple Banana 12M+

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