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Sai Hing's Nourishing Chicken Soup for Children & Family (110g/12m+)

Sai Hing's Nourishing Chicken Soup for Children & Family (110g/12m+)

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  • Nourishing Chicken Soup - Improves appetite; Strengthen the child's bone development and physical fitness; Recommended to use black chicken as black chicken is rich in amino acids, which makes the child's development and absorption even better. Otherwise, can also use normal chicken to brew this soup.  Important: Not suitable for pregnant women.

  • Sulphur-Free Herbal Soup Packs for the health and well-being of your children, and family. Customised formula by Sai Hing TCM.

  • Suitable for 1 year old & above. Each pack can serve approx. 2 adults + 1 children. Vegetarian friendly.

  • Free of Sulphur, Preservative & Additive.

  • Specially packed in Singapore.

  • Storage Method - Keep in well-ventilated room temperature (avoid direct heat places). Best kept in fridge for optimal quality.

  • Cooking instruction provided on packaging. Can use slow cooker, thermal cooker, or boil over stove.

  • For Vegetarian &/or Beginner to Herbal Soup: Slow boil with vegetables like chestnuts, cashew nuts, lotus roots, corn &/or carrot for "sweeter taste".

  • Self Life: 1 year +. Please store in fridge for longer storage.