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    Rosy Organics Puffs Choco Strawberry 12M+ (Expiry 17-04-2024)

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    Product Description

    Suitable for vegetarian

    HACCP Certified

    Made in Korea


    A safe & certified organic rice puff which is made with 99.5% Organic brown rice and 0.5% Organic vegetables! Highly recommend as the very first snack for the babies! Less crumbs on baby’s palm.


    Rosy Organic runs a process for every batch to test for heavy metals (Arsenic, Lead, Mercury) to make sure there is NO traces found of such compounds. Hence you can rest assured and let your little ones enjoy certified organic rice puff safely.


    🍓🍫 Strawberry Choco

    ✅ Ingredients

    100% Organic Brown Rice (Korea) 64.73%, Organic White Chocolate N1 [Organic Sugar 39.02%, Organic Cocoa Butter (Netherlands) 35.71%, Organic Non-fat Dry Milk (USA) 24.88%, Lecithin (Soy)] 32.36%, Freeze-dried Strawberry Powder (Korea) 2.91%

    ✅ Nutritional Information 25g/114kcal

    Sodium 7mg (0.3%)

    Carbohydrate 19g (5.6%)

    Sugar 3g (3.3%)

    Fat 3.6g (7%)

    Transfat 0g

    Saturated Fat 2.3g (15.7%)

    Choleste rol 0mg (0%)

    Protein 2g (3%)


    Net Content:

    25g (Choco 116kcal / Strawberry Choco 114kcal / Cheese Choco 119kcal)


    Product of Korea

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    Rosy Organics Puffs Choco Strawberry 12M+ (Expiry 17-04-2024)

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