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Wakodo Toothpaste Gel for Baby - Grape 18M+

Wakodo Toothpaste Gel for Baby - Grape 18M+

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Ready Stock! Authentic Toothpaste Gel directly from Wakodo Japan.

Wakodo Toothpaste Gel includes fluoride (medical ingredient, 100ppm) to make your baby’s teeth strong and prevent the onset and advance of tooth decay. Contains xylitol (sweetener) and green tea polyphenols (humectant). Only food-based ingredients are contained (note: fluoride included).

Free from alcohol, parabens, flavoring, and coloring agents. Comes in a handy pump tube that provides the recommended amount with one simple push. Slightly sweet xylitol flavor.

Recommended for 18 months old & above.

#Caution: If little one does not know how to spit out, please introduce small amount of tooth-gel during brushing (ie. 3-cm dot size). It is safe to swallow small amount.


Best Before: December 2023