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    Haruplate Non-Spicy Tomato Sambal 9M+ (Expiry 15-07-2025)

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    • Sauce specially made for kids! Proudly made in Singapore


    • No Nasties, No Added Salt, Artificial Preservatives & Refined Sugar. All Natural Ingredients. Dietitian Approved


    • Fuss Free, Easy to Prepare


    • Halal Certified


    • Recommended for 9M+ and above, even healthconscious kids & adults!


    • Stir-fry with pretty much everything, Marinade for grilling or baking, Sandwich (mix with tuna).


    • Ingredients: Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Garlic, Onions, Star Anise, Bonito Flakes, Ikan Bilis, Basil


    • Storage: Once opened, store in fridge (drizzle a little olive oil on top) and finish within 14 days or immediately freeze into smaller servings
    • Weight 100g


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    Haruplate Non-Spicy Tomato Sambal 9M+ (Expiry 15-07-2025)


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