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ILDong Agimeal Yumyum Cheese Ball Cookies 7M+

ILDong Agimeal Yumyum Cheese Ball Cookies 7M+

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It has been developed in form of melting once it goes in the mouth using 100% domestic potato starch; therefore, even if it is babys first cookie, you should feel assured.


  • Potato starch (Korea), Sucrose, Egg yolk liquid (Korea), Wheat flour, Fructose, Starch syrup, Quinoa powder,Cheddar cheese powder (Denmark), Skim milk powder, Whey calcium, Ammonium bicarbonate, Ferric phosphate, Vitamin D3

Nutritious cookie beneficial to out babies!

  • Reinforced Vitamin D, iron and calcium.

No Adding Artificial additives :

  • Synthetic flavoring,
  • coloring agents and preservatives.