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    Ivenet Probiotic Powder 6M+ (Expiry 01-12-2024)

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    Having constipated babies? Having school-going children who catch bouts of stomach flu? Probiotics are mom's great friend to help improve baby's gut health!

    Packaged in individual sachets to maintain its freshness, Ivenet Bebe's Probiotics helps to improve gut health; hence aiding in the digestion of the foods we eat, absorbs nutrients and uses it to fuel and maintain your body.

    Also, it comes in powder form and is easily dissolvable in liquids, making it mild-tasting and convenient for children to consume.

    Net Content: 60g (2g x 30 Sachets)
    Age: 6 Months & Above
    Contains Milk and Soybean
    Daily Recommended Intake: 1 sachet (2g)
    Contains Milk & Soybean

    Did you know our individual guts each have a unique microbiome? Which means the types of lactobacillus present in our guts differs between individuals. Ivenet Bebe's Probiotics contain 19 strains of lactobacillus, which means it will be effective for more individuals!

    Expiry date: April 2024

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    Ivenet Probiotic Powder 6M+ (Expiry 01-12-2024)

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