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    Love Earth Baby Instant Oat Flakes 6M+ (Expiry 08-06-2025)

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    Expiry: June 2025

    Introducing Love Earth's Baby Instant Oat Flakes – the perfect whole grain option designed for babies beginning their solid food journey. Love Earth's Oat Flakes are meticulously crafted, ensuring a completely natural product with no added preservatives, coloring, sugar, or chemicals. Carefully processed through steaming and thin rolling, these whole oat grains guarantee easy digestion and a delightful taste for your little one.


    Nutrient-Rich: Packed with essential nutrients, Baby Instant Oat Flakes are a wholesome choice for your baby's growth.

    High Fiber and Protein: Promotes healthy digestion and supports muscle development.

    No Additives: Eat without worry as oat flakes are free from preservatives, coloring, sugar, or any harmful chemicals.

    Rich in Iron, Manganese, and Zinc: Vital minerals for your baby's overall well-being.


    Measure: Begin with 1/2 cup of Love Earth Instant Baby Oat Flakes.

    Customize Texture: Blend if needed for a smoother consistency.

    Mix: Combine the oat flakes with 1 cup of warm water.

    Adjust Consistency: Add more water if desired, catering to your baby's preference.

    Serve: Your delightful and nutritious baby meal is ready to be enjoyed by your little one.


    Whole oat grains from Finland, expertly steamed and thinly rolled to ensure the highest quality.

    Storage Instructions:

    Store in cool & dry place before open. After opening, store in a close container. Consume within 2 weeks after opening.

    Reminder: Due to natural variations, colours & textures may differ from batch to batch.

    Origin from Finland

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    Love Earth Baby Instant Oat Flakes 6M+ (Expiry 08-06-2025)


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