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    Love Earth Crispy Chili Flakes (Expiry 22-08-2025)

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    - Dive into a symphony of flavors with MyLoveEarth’s Crispy Chili Flakes. Sourced from nature’s finest chilies, our flakes promise not just heat but an irresistible crispiness that sets us apart. Perfect for those who cherish an authentic spicy crunch in every bite.

    - Benefits: 

    - Unadulterated Spice: Made from premium sun-dried chilies, we capture the pure essence of heat and flavor.

    - Crispy Delight: Unlike ordinary chili flakes, ours come with a unique crunch, adding texture to your meals.

    - Versatile: An excellent fit for every dish – from western pastas to eastern stir-fries.

    - Health Boost: Chilies are known for their metabolism-enhancing properties and are packed with essential vitamins.

    - Eco-Friendly Packaging: As much as we care about your palate, we care for the Earth. Our sustainable packaging ensures we leave a minimal footprint.

    - Ingredients:

    - Rice bran oil, Fried garlic & onion, Sesame oil, Chili flake, Chili powder, Brown sugar, Sweet soy sauce, Himalayan salt, Sesame seed, Garlic powder, Onion powder & White pepper powder. 

    - Store in cool & dry place, away from direct sunlight. Due to natural variations, colors & textures may differ from batch to batch.

    - Weight : 180g

    - Country of Origin: Malaysia

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    Love Earth Crispy Chili Flakes (Expiry 22-08-2025)


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