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Love Earth Organic Beetroot Powder 6M+

Love Earth Organic Beetroot Powder 6M+

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Why Love Earth Organic Food Powder?
> No Chemical Additives, No Preservative, No Flavoring, Non GMO
> No added Salt or Sugar
> Organic Grade
> Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly
> Suitable for babies 6 months and above
> Great for baby cereal, purees, baked goods, pancakes and much more!

Organic Beetroot 40g

- High in Vitamin C and potassium to help build the baby's immune system.

- Iron content in Beetroot prevents anemia in babies and kids.

- High in fiber for digestive health and treats constipation.

- Contains Carotenoids to help in hair nourishment and growth.

- Aids in improving blood circulation in the brain and body, which encourages healthy brain development and functions.

- Allergy: Tree Nuts & Wheat (Origin from China)