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    Love Earth Organic Quick Rolled Oat 7M+ & Family (Expiry 08-06-2025)

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    Ingredients: 100% Organic Quick Rolled Oat 
    - Excellent source of fiber for healthy digestion
    - Contains a unique antioxidant called avenanthramides which are only found in oats - Help lower blood pressure
    - Lower LDL “Bad” cholesterol levels
    - Reduce blood sugar and insulin response
    - Increase growth of good bacteria in the digestive tract
    - Suppress appetite and increase the level of fullness which can aid in weight loss
    - High in antioxidants which reduce oxidative stress
    - Promote Heart Health and reduce the risk of heart disease
    Why Choose Love Earth's Organic Quick Rolled Oat 400g
    - 100% Organic & Natural
    - Non-GMO
    - Strictly No Additive, Chemical Free
    - No added sugar
    - High in fiber, protein, iron, and antioxidants
    Certificates: Australia NASAA Organic Certified & KKM Mesti Certified
    Recommended Daily Serving Size: ½ cup (50g)
    Provides Daily Value of 14% dietary fiber, 10% Protein, 53% Manganese, 21% Phosphorous, 15% Magnesium, 14% Zinc, 9% Iron, 9% Copper, 8% Vitamin B1, 3% Potassium
    What nutritionist says:
     Ischaemic heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. However, it can also be easily prevented by adopting a healthier lifestyle and eating the right foods. Beta-glucan found in oats is among the best sources in reducing the risk of heart disease. This claim has even been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Beta-glucan can lower LDL “Bad” cholesterol levels, regulate blood sugar, and reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Not only that, but it can even aid in weight control, resulting in reducing the risk of obesity, thus, lowering the chances of heart disease.

    Oats are safe to introduce as soon as your baby is ready to start taking in solid foods, usually around 6 to 8 months
    Do ensure to cook the oats thoroughly and blend it if your bay is just starting to eat solids
    You can start with a small amount first to see if your baby can tolerate it.
    It is best to mix the oats with breast or formula milk to add more nutritional benefits and make the transition to solids easier
    At 7 months old, you may start to mix other foods with the oats such as mashed fruits, vegetables, or meats
    Rich in carbohydrates to provide your baby with the energy it needs to grow.
    Contains more fat and protein than other grains.
    Easy on the tummy and can prevent constipation.
    Contains important minerals such as iron and zinc.
    Pregnant women
    Oats are generally safe to be consumed during pregnancy

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    Love Earth Organic Quick Rolled Oat 7M+ & Family (Expiry 08-06-2025)

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