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    Modu'i Ceramic Container - Bear / Bunny / Dino

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    - Maintain freshness of the food with infra-red radiation, reducing the loss of nutrients to its minimum and made with environmentally friendly safe material - soil.

    - Using it as insulation container in rice cookers.

    - All types of washing possible with no bacteria, etches, smell stains and scratches.

    - Easy to assemble. Able to keep in freezer, refridgerator for immediate heating without thawing (microwave, boiling water, steamer).

    - Maintains the temperature of hot baby food for 3hrs.

    - Does not spills or leaks.

    - Post baby food phase, use the containers to store rice packs or use it as bentos or side dishes containers.

    - Made in Korea.

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    Modu'i Ceramic Container - Bear / Bunny / Dino

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