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    Morinaga Hokkaido Pancake Mix* (Expiry 30-04-2025)

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    • Wheat flour, buttermilk powder and sugar are the main ingredients for the pancake mix. Morinaga has carefully selected these 3 ingredients from Hokkaido to create this premium Hokkaido Pancake Mix.

    • Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Glucose, Powdered Oils and Fats, Corn Starch, Buttermilk Powder, Salt, Baking Powder, Trehalose, Polysaccharides Thickener, Spices, Emulsifier (Soy Origin), Spices, Sodium Caseinate.

    • ā—‹ Hokkaido "Kitahonami" Wheat
    • It is widely grown in Hokkaido. The quality wheat gives the pancake a firm texture with a rich wheat flavour. It has a less unpleasant taste compared to regular wheat flour.

    • ā—‹ Hokkaido Beet Sugar
    • Not too sweet. Its clean and crisp sweetness is best for making pancakes.

    • Japanese pancakes are always fluffy and moist. This pancake mix is conveniently packed in 2 small bags (150g each). It lets you make delicious and fluffy pancakes easily. Just add egg, milk (or water) will do.

    • * You can also use this pancake mix to make donuts, waffles, and Dorayaki.

    • Direction:

    1. Put the egg and milk in a bowl and mix well. Egg and milk are mixed first!

    2. Then add the flour mixture and mix gently! Mix roughly 20 times.

    3. Heat the frying pan over medium heat and allow it to cool a little.

    4. Bring the pan to low heat and pour the dough one piece at a time from a higher position.

    5. Cook 3 minutes on low heat. As soon as bubbles come out, turn the pancake over.

    6. Cook for about 2 minutes on low heat, and it's ready to serve.

    • Origin: Product of Japan
    • Net Weight: 300g (2pkt x 150g)
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    Morinaga Hokkaido Pancake Mix* (Expiry 30-04-2025)

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