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Natufoodies Rice Puffs - Banana Strawberry 8M+

Natufoodies Rice Puffs - Banana Strawberry 8M+

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Healthy snacks on the go with less preparation time and create no mess. It’s melt in the mouth, without any other artificial ingredients baby should not have. Pediatric recommends offering 2-3 meals of in between snacks to baby per day. Offering healthy snacks help to boost baby’s nutrition and health, Keep up their energy, so baby can play, explore and learn.  Enjoy eating rice puffs while learning, pick up skill, self- feeding skills and motor skills.

  • No Gluten
  • No Egg
  • No Salt
  • No Nuts
  • Vegetarian
  • Milk

Suitable for babies that are 8 months and above.


Ingredients :

  • Calrose rice
  • Brown rice
  • Banana puree
  • Sugar
  • Apple juice concentrate
  • Strawberry powder
  • Natural seaweed calcium

  • Vitamin & minerals
        - Vitamin C
        - Maltodextrin
        - Iron
        - Vitamin A
        - Vitamin B3
        - Vitamin D3
        - Vitamin B5
        - Vitamin B1
        - Vitamin B12
        - Vitamin B2
        - Vitamin B6

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First time bought. Bought 2 flavours. Only left this one, another finished already. Thanks seller