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    Love Earth Organic Chia Seeds 168g x 3 (FOC 280g Bottle) Promo Pack

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    Get 3x Organic Chia Seed Packs (168g each) with a complimentary 280g bottle

    Step into the world of pure wellness with Love Earth's 99.9% Organic Chia seeds hailing straight from Bolivia's pristine lands. Drenched in omega-3s, protein, and a myriad of nutrients, these tiny seeds are all set to supercharge your meals and life!


    • Mightier than the Mightiest: Boasting more magnesium than broccoli, outpacing salmon in omega-3, and triumphing over milk in calcium.
    • Body's Best Buddy: Amplify immunity, revel in the cardio-protective aura, and stay younger with high antioxidants.
    • Health Dynamo: Take charge of your diabetes, navigate through optimal blood pressure, and give LDL cholesterol the boot.

    Suggested Use:

    • Stir into water and wait for a refreshing chia-infused hydration.
    • Jazz up cereals, yogurts, salads, or dive into richer juices, porridges, and puddings.
    • Turn your baked delights like biscuits, cakes, or muffins into nutrient powerhouses.
    • Smooth out your smoothies - use as a thickener.


    • 99.9% Pure Organic Chia Seeds - Nature's precious gift 

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    Love Earth Organic Chia Seeds 168g x 3 (FOC 280g Bottle) Promo Pack


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