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    Otafuku Kids Ketchup Sauce 12M+ (Expiry 31-01-2025)

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    • The tomatoes are fully ripe, sweet, and brightly colored.
    • In order to reduce the acidity and make it easier to eat, vegetables and fruits other than tomatoes are added to give it a gentle sweet taste.
    • It can be used in omelets, chicken rice, and stewed dishes.
    • Ingredients: 
    • Tomato (Turkey Product), Dextrose, Carrot, Vinegar, Salt, Onion, Corn Stach, Grape, Mushroom, Prune, Celery, Chinese Cabbage Extract, Spices, Yeast Extract
    • Made in Japan

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    Otafuku Kids Ketchup Sauce 12M+ (Expiry 31-01-2025)

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