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    Renovera Premium Calcium Powder Vegetable & Fruit Wash (Random Designs)

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    • Trusted food cleaner in Korea! “It is a MUST-HAVE for every household!!”


    • RENOVERA is a premium calcium powder which is registered as FOOD ADDITIVE. It is the safest way to keep your greens from residue for loved family, visitors and customers.


    • The safest and most effective way to clean your greens and fruits!! Remove residual pesticides and various harmful substances in 3 to 10 mins and provide cleaned greens and fruits to your loved ones!


    • With ZERO chemical treatment, RENOVERA is proved its safety with US FDA, HALAL CERTIFICATE, Thai FDA, India FSSAI and in Korea & Japan.


    • How to use? Highly activated ionized calcium works wonder to eliminate pesticides and sterilize bacteria. Just soak ingredients into water and add 1.5g of RENOVERA!!


    • Net Weight: 150g
    • ISO9001, ISO14001
    • Halal certificate
    • The U.S. FDA Safety Test Passed
    • Thailand FDA Registered
    • India FSSAI Registered
    • Radiation Test Passed
    • Made in Korea






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    Renovera Premium Calcium Powder Vegetable & Fruit Wash (Random Designs)


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