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    Rosy Organic Bye Bye Mucus Teabag 6M+ (Expiry 04-12-2025)

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    It's Upgraded! It's even Milder!

    Keep coughs at bay with Bye Bye Mucus Tea! Bye Bye Mucus Teabag is now upgraded with a new formula!
    Including new ingredients such as loofah plant and sword beans, this tea is even more effective to chase away respiratory issues. Through numerous tests, Rosy Organic found the proportion of pear and bellflower that even young children can safely drink. A well-balanced blend of pear, bellflower, bean, loofah plant, and barley that gives a mild and savoury taste that will be loved by everyone – babies, adults, and elderly.

    Now suitable for 6 Months and above too. Babies' 1st cup of tea ❤️

    Due to the higher levels of bellflower root in the old version, the recommended age of intake was 1 year old and above. This new formula is now suitable for babies 6 months old and above. This mild-tasting tea is suitable for weaning children. It's just like consuming water, but with loads of added benefits!

    Carefully selected ingredients for cough, sore throat and runny nose
    Bellflower root (also known as 桔梗)
    Used traditionally as a natural anti-inflammatory as well as for its expectorant properties and its ability to boost the immune system. Bellflower root is used in many traditional Chinese formulations for respiratory conditions. It has natural expectorant properties that can help dilate the bronchi and increase bronchial secretions.

    A rich source of antioxidants, vitamin C, fibres and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Loofah Plant
    Treats and prevents colds, used for treating nasal swelling and sinus problems.

    Sword Bean
    Famous in Korea for helping people with nasal infections and fighting hay fever. Sword beans contain flavanoids that have beneficial anti-inflammatory effects that help to protect cells from pollutants in the air.

    A rich source of vitamins A and C and various antioxidants

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    Rosy Organic Bye Bye Mucus Teabag 6M+ (Expiry 04-12-2025)

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