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    Unimat DHA Drop Gummy 3YR+ (Expiry 27-04-2025)

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    * Consumption for 3 years or above

    • Ages 3 or above take 1 Gummy a day, 6 years or above take 2 Gummies a day, 12 years or above take 3 Gummies a day.

    •Contains 500 million lactic acid bacteria and rich in vitamins A, B6, C and D

    •Helps maintain intestinal, skin and vision health

    •Helping calcium absorption and bone growth, as well as promoting healthy development of young children


    • Orange Flavour [90PCS]
    • Ingredients: Sugar, starch syrup, refined fish oil (contains DHA), Mandarin orange juice, glutinous rice paper powder (contains soybeans), starch/sorbitol, gelling agent (pectin), gloss agent, flavoring , acidity adjuster, emulsifier (soybean), vitamin E, thickener (gum arabic), red bell pepper coloring


    •Store in a cool place, away from high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight

    •Please consume as soon as possible after opening

    •Please stop using it if your physical condition is not suitable for you

    •Children or senior citizens, please eat with supervision and be careful not to choke.

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    Unimat DHA Drop Gummy 3YR+ (Expiry 27-04-2025)


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