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    Wakodo Vegetables Udon Noodles for Babies 7M+ (Expiry 31-12-2024)

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    Product Description

    Delicious & unsalted Udon for babies. Easy to wean and prepare. Short noodles, easy to scoop with a spoon. No added salt, preservatives, artificial colouring or flavouring. 

    How to prepare?

    Just add appropriate amount of Water, Broth Powder, Ingredients & Noodles! Cooking time is 6 minutes.

    Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Spinach Powder, Jew's mallow powder, broccoli powder, parsley powder, green vegetable (komatsuna) powder, pumpkin powder, asparagus powder, kale powder, okra powder, carrot powder/calcium carbonate, ferric pyrophosphate.

    Recommended for 7 months old & above 


    ・Please be careful about the handling of hot water.

    ・Check food temperature before feeding to baby.

    ・Check firmness of noodles before feeding to baby.

    ・Do not keep or consume leftovers.

    ・Age group icon is recommendation only.

    ・Supervise the babies when they are eating noodles.

    Weight: 115 gram 

    Product of Japan

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    Wakodo Vegetables Udon Noodles for Babies 7M+ (Expiry 31-12-2024)


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