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    Yukazan Flu Relief Nose Patch - Adult (Expiry 31-03-2027)

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    Product Description

    • Essential Oil

    • Non-medicated

    • Steroid Free

    • Helps to relieve cold-flu symptoms instantly

    • Ease blocked and stuffy nose

    • Reduce nasal allergy symptoms

    • Acupoints reactive

    • Contain bamboo extract that emits far infrared rays

    • Improve sinus drainage

    • Make breathing easier

    • Last up to 8 hours

    Suitable to relieve cold-flu symptoms instantly, ease blocked nose, stuffy nose and eliminate nasal allergy symptoms. Use before bed for better sleep quality and stay focus during daytime.


    80mm x 10mm (Adult)

    Direction of use:

    Remove film & tightly affix the patch to desired acupoints. (May cut into desired size if required)

    Acupoint 1: In between the eyebrows

    Acupoint 2: Both sides of the base of nose

    Acupoint 3: Mid foot sole

    Acupoint 4: Below the collarbones

    Warning / Precaution:

    For topical use and single use only. Discontinue use immediately if excessive skin irritation occurs and consult a doctor if needed. Do not use on irritated or injured skin. Store in a cool place , away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach from children.

    What's in the box: 6 patch / Box

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    Yukazan Flu Relief Nose Patch - Adult (Expiry 31-03-2027)


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